Facebook page Nosečka Mg (Preggy Mg)

  • Client: Atlantic Grupa d.d. - Droga Kolinska - Donat Mg
  • Year: 2012

Donat Mg was presented to pregnant women on Facebook under the name Nosečka Mg. We designed a tab on Donat Mg and provided tips for exercise during pregnancy. The Facebook pages also operate in Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Italy, Austria, France, and Russia. In all countries, we take care of the communications with the help of experienced native speakers. The number of all fans together is 300.000 and rapidly growing.
In December 2013 all local pages were united under one global Facebook page in which the number of Likes is common, but our fans still get to see localized content in their own language.


We also designed a prize contest titled "Open your precious treasure", in which a total of 38,000 people took part in the four countries. 


Slovenia: www.facebook.com/nosecka.mg 

Croatia: www.facebook.com/trudnica.mg.hr

Serbia: www.facebook.com/trudnica.mg.rs

BiH: www.facebook.com/trudnica.mg.bih

Italy: www.facebook.com/IndolceattesaMg

Austria: https://www.facebook.com/baldmamamg

France: https://www.facebook.com/moifuturemaman.mg

Russia: Беременность Mg (Nosečnost Mg)

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