Sensodyne campaign 2017

  • Client: GSK
  • Year: 2017

We’ve prepared a creative concept for our client Glaxo Smith Kline’s brand Sensodyne, that was carried out in Slovenia and Croatia in the spring of 2017. The campaign sought to educate consumers about teeth sensitivity in a creative and innovative way, and also to position the Sensodyne brand as the leading tooth paste brand in pain relief. Campaign’s core was the Sensodyne Experience Lab with an interactive mirror, that translated the sensation of sensitive teeth to other senses and thus raised the awareness of this issue while seamlessly presenting the solution that is Sensodyne toothpaste. 

Campaign elements:

  • production of the unique promotional stand – the experience lab,
  • development of the app for the interactive mirror,
  • development of the app for the in-store promotions,
  • execution of plug-in and in-store promotions,
  • coordinating the promotion staff (dental medicine students),
  • development of the Facebook app for the prize-winning game,
  • Facebook communication for both countries,
  • production of the promo materials.