Royal digestion of your holidays

  • Client: DONAT MG
  • Year: 2017

We’ve prepared the easter campaign for the Donat Mg brand with an interactive citylight. The idea was based on the brand’s previously established position and was linked with the headline “Royal digestion of your holidays”. Easter holidays are notorious for the large amounts of food that we eat, but especially famous is the potica cake – very delicious, but very hard to digest.

Potica turned upside-down looks like a royal crown, and at the same time symbolizes the way down the digestive path. And we all know where every digestion ends - on a throne.

We’ve upgraded the idea by installing real toilet seats next to the interactive citylights on bus stations. An additional seat for the ones waiting became so much more with the augmented reality function that displayed a crown on a person’s head while he or she sat on the ‘throne’. Added values was brought by our noble squire who presented people with the Donat Mg bottle.