• Year: 2018

Global population has tripled in the last 60 years. And so did energy consumption which has become a global problem that endangers the whole planet and the life on it. But what if people would transform from energy consumers into energy providers?

Volkswagen as a general sponsor of Ljubljana marathon introduces a potential solution which transforms the kinetic energy into electric energy. Volkswagen develops e-treadmill which doesn’t consume but generates electricity and saves it in batteries for further use. An online energy calculator has been developed for runners to calculate how much electricity is hidden in their physical activity and how much electricity could they generate by running.    

Volkswagen developed e-treadmill in cooperation with energy efficiency experts, electrical engineers, engineer officers and a professional runner. Whole development process, project blueprints, energy calculations and e-treadmill blueprints were transparently published online (čistamoč.si) for everyone to see how Volkswagen did it. During the preparations for Volkswagen Ljubljana marathon runners generated electricity and the same energy was saved in the batteries. With the very same energy we made a TV ad which was shot exclusively with the energy generated by runners. 20.000 runners attended this years Ljubljana marathon and we summed the whole runner’s energy released and calculated it into electrical energy. It was directed into good cause. For as many kilometers, as this energy would run an electric automobile, Rdeči noski will drive brand new Volkswagen e-Golf on their benevolent paths. There was enough energy for 43,159 kilometres to visit numerous children in hospitals.


  • We reached 72% of the target group (Source: Agency internal data, nov 2018).
  • TV ad had 105,000 views solely on the web with 65 % of them visiting the website explaining the whole project and technology behind (Source: Facebook and Google analytics, Nov 2018).
  • We activated 1,173 runners on e-treadmills (Source: Agency internal data, nov 2018).
  • Runners’ energy when transformed into electricity to power an e-Golf account for 43,159 kilometers (Source: Scientific research institute Jožef Stefan, Nov 2018).
  • We achieved 32 earned publications (posts) in mass media (TV, print and web), 98 % of them being positive (Source: Kliping, nov 2018).

: Golden Sempler in Best technology approach category