The Real-life Escape Room

  • Year: 2018

In Slovenia, child sexual abuse is a burning social issue and a taboo. Every fifth girl and every seventh boy are victims of sexual abuse and the number of reported abuses has even fallen over the past few years.

To avoid the taboo we used the analogy of the escape room. Sexually abused children are held captive between four walls of an abusive environment, from where they cannot escape.

The event was set up at a real-life crime scene, where Amadea suffered sexual abuse as a child. As the leader of the escape room, Amadea told the visitors her own story.  After Amadea’s revelation visitors had to find a real-life solution for all the children currently trapped in such situations. The purpose of the event was to make an emotional movie. To leverage key influencers we prepared a special premiere at the largest media event in Slovenia. Visitors entered the small room where they found Amadea, without them knowing who she was. After revelation they got PR kits and took their mission seriously - to spread a clear call to action to Slovenian public.


  • 20% increase of the number of reports.
  • 66,4% Slovenians addressed (17-70 years old).
  • We reached over 550.000 users solely on Facebook and 920.000 views together on YT, IG and FB.
  • 37 min and 22 seconds high-quality prime time coverage
  • Campaign was shared by most prominent Slovenian politicians, musicians, athletes, influencers, and other public figures.
  • Campaign shifted focus from the demonisation of the offenders to saving abused children.

Clio Awards: Bronze award & shortlist 
European Excellence Awards: Category NGOs & Associations winner
SEMPL: The Grand Sempler for the best media strategy
BalCannes: Best project by selection of jury advertisers
SoMo Borac: The best digital social responsibility project
POMP: best use of digital media award, Grand Pomp award for the best content marketing project of the year 
WEBSI: campaign of the year award,  best socially responsible project award, best user experience award