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Sexual abuse of children in Slovenia is a taboo and one of the most hidden crimes. Public awareness is extremely low. Research shows that every fifth girl and every seventh boy in Slovenia is a victim of sexual abuse, with 85% of sexual abuse occurring within the wider family. Less than a third of sexual abuse cases have been reported in the European Union, with a decrease in the number of reports in Slovenia in recent years.


To break the taboo and get publicity, we used the escape room analogy. Abused children are trapped between 4 walls of a family environment, from which they cannot escape. Only adults can help them and the only solution is to report the crime. We set up the escape room with the real victim in a real crime scene and called it the Hidden Escape Room.


Since child sexual abuse is common in Slovenia and is happening everywhere, we had to address the public. We focused specifically on parents, institutions and target groups who are in contact with a larger number of children each day (paediatricians, educators, teachers, coaches, etc.). In doing so, we addressed the core audiences with in-depth content.

The campaign was based on the tactics of earned posts, so effectively influencing influencers was key. Due to the turnaround in the story, we were able to achieve a strong PR effect only by addressing as many influencers as possible in the same place.


Preparation (7 months)

Finding a younger victim with a high level of intrinsic motivation. If possible, we wanted to reach a crime scene where an "escape room" would be set up.

Teaser (1 week)

Expected and most common Escape Room communication materials: Posters, FB Ads, FB Page, Google AdWords, website application form. The campaign was truth-based, so we only communicated the truth, but without the broader context.

Event (2 days)

The main goal of the event was to provide a sufficient amount of footage for emotional documentary web video. That is why we decided on 6 groups of visitors who were brought to the scene where sexual abuse happened in the past. We used 2 marked cars. The victim of childhood sexual abuse accepted them and addressed them as the leader of the Hidden Escape Room.

Campaign launch

A special PR event at the largest media event in Slovenia, where we addressed journalists, influencers, public figures and other visitors with the premiere of an online video about what is happening in the Hidden Escape Room. Visitors received a PR message after the viewing, with a link to the project website and web video.

Web page

The project website provided users with all the key information on the issue of child sexual abuse in Slovenia, the characteristics of abusers and how we can help children.

After launch

PR messages in the form of video, photographic and textual content for all planned media, influencers and institutions. Prepared crisis communication plan and organization of interviews on television, print media and so on. Communication through UNICEF Slovenia's media.



increase in the number of reports of child sexual abuse.


addressed adults 15-70 years who can help children.


quality free articles.


minutes prime time posts on various TV programs.


web video views.