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Current events with enough media exposure are a great opportunity for trademarks and for building a positive perception of a trademark with different publics. Such an event took place in September 2021, namely the presentation of globally most desired chef awards – the presentation of Michelin stars in Ljubljana. The eyes of the public were focused on the Slovenian chefs, the highlight being the award ceremony in Cankarjev dom.


Usually, burek has no place at a prestigious Michelin star presentation; however, since a genuine surprise surpasses all expectations, we have prepared a very special tasting of Olimpija Burek’s bureks for all the winners of Michelin awards. We wanted to personally deliver neatly wrapped and still warm bureks after the ceremony directly into the hands of the best Slovenian chefs and show them respect for their achievements.


This way, Olimpija Burek scored a really big surprise with the chefs and a lot of publicity with the general public, as they delivered their bureks to the winners of Michelin stars, with a note saying: “You run the show during the day, but we take the lead as the morning approaches.” The gesture impressed the best chefs, the media and the users of social media. For the price of a couple of bureks, we have increased the average engagement of social media users by 3200% and the organic reach by 1200%, compared to the Olimpija Burek average. When everyone was talking about the recipients of Michelin stars, the recipients of Michelin stars were talking about Olimpija Burek.



higher engagement of social media users when compared to the Olimpija Burek average.


higher organic reach on social media when compared to the Olimpija Burek average.


excellent response and positive reactions of social media users.