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The beginning of 2020 saw the quality products of Slovenian farmers decay due to the COVID-19 epidemic and the subsequent lockdown. Some were even discarded from the get-go. Tuš, as the Slovenian grocery provider whose assortment consists of over 70% of products of Slovenian origin, recognized the difficult circumstances as an opportunity to show that Slovenia is truly its home. Tuš brought together Ana Roš, Slovenian farmers, producers and processors to create the new brand Ana Roš & Tuš.


During the concept design stage, it was impossible to overlook the fact that the products branded Ana Roš & Tuš would be prepared according to the recipes and under the supervision of the best chef in the world, who at the time received one of the most prestigious gastronomic awards worldwide – two Michelin stars. In the restaurant Hiša Franko, Ana Roš prepares her culinary masterpieces traditionally from largely local ingredients and in close collaboration with local farmers, producers and pickers. As the traditional supporter of local Slovenian products and produce, with over 70% of its groceries originating from Slovenia for years, Tuš had the exact same story in mind.

The Tuš logo contains one star. The second star beneath the joint high-quality product brand could only be added by Ana. A longterm conceptual idea was born, based on two stars as the symbol of quality and the alliance between Tuš and Ana Roš.


Since the Ana Roš & Tuš products entailed launching a new, hereto unknown brand, we had the chance to build a consistent narrative with the project’s strongest attributes: from the overall packaging design to building an effective image and addressing customers at points of sale, as well as providing creative solutions throughout the entire media network.

The first task was to make all of Slovenia aware of the Ana Roš & Tuš products, followed by positioning these products as top cuisine made from local Slovenian ingredients, now available to everyone. The position of Ana Roš & Tuš products was encompassed in a single sentence, attributed to Ana on all of the packaging and other creative solutions: “The fruits of our homeland are my first star; the second star comes from me.”


The image of Ana Roš was used as a synonym for and a guarantee of quality throughout the entire campaign; we also consistently communicated the idea that Ana Roš has added another star to the star already present in the Tuš logo.

We filmed modular TV ads, into which every new Ana Roš & Tuš product could later be inserted. Outdoor advertising built awareness and solidified the idea of two stars, which could only be obtained in Tuš. The packaging design was devised in such a way that it was possible to replicate it onto all the planned and as yet unforeseen products, keeping a unified look. We filmed Ana in the more relaxed environment of the charming town of Kobarid. With a series of videos posted on social media, we presented the comprehensive background and values inherent to the project, from supporting local goods to highlighting the demands of mass producing such high-level cuisine. We prepared a PR kit for the media to use free of charge and received massive feedback. We redesigned the periodic sale catalogues, adding another star with products and advice by Ana Roš.


More than 500 unpaid media publications, in-depth articles and videos emphasized the use of local ingredients and collaboration with Slovenian small-scale farmers.

The commercial success of the project (all of the stock was exhausted) benefited local farmers, supported the work of our foremost chef and acted as confirmation of the values promoted by Tuš.

In less than six months, the project grew to such an extent that buyers could choose among 42 different Ana Roš & Tuš products.

Purchasing Ana Roš & Tuš products meant directly supporting Slovenian small-scale farmers, producers, pickers and processors from all over Slovenia.

The exquisite products made following the recipes of Ana Roš finally became available in Tuš to all buyers under the brand name Ana Roš & Tuš.

Ana Roš & Tuš: Spelt bread with sour dough

Ana Roš & Tuš: Cottage cheese gnocchi according to the recipe of Ana Roš

Ana Roš & Tuš: tartar steak

Ana Roš & Tuš: Top cuisine at home