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The European Volleyball Championship was the biggest Slovenian sporting event in 2019 and Petrol was the main national sponsor. Two of the company's major strategic goals are wide product selection and customer value enhancement, as Petrol wants to move from the perception of service stations and vehicle products to the perception of an integrated advanced service provider and excellent customer experience, which also offers gas services and products for vehicles.


To introduce Petrol as a provider of wholesome solutions with great user experience, we have organically interwoven the most important spectrum of Petrol's services and trademarks to enable fans to have an even better experience of the European Volleyball Championship - from ticket purchase to post-match breakfast and everything in between.

We communicated a complex set of services and experiences with the umbrella message Winning Service, which organically linked Petrol and Slovenian volleyball team. The winning service is characteristic of the entire range of service stations and at the same time represents the strongest point of the Slovenian volleyball team, which is well known to both fans and competing teams.


To achieve 2 key strategic goals of the company, we had to overcome 2 challenges - first to attract interest, since only 13% of Slovenians knew that Eurovolley was also happening in Slovenia. Second, to increase awareness of the wide range of Petrol's services and the excellent customer experience, since only the experience can change the perception and behaviour of users.

At Petrol, sponsorship of Eurovolley 2019 has been as excellent communication and business opportunity through which we can organically integrate and communicate services that Petrol has developed and added gradually. This will help change the perception of Petrol significantly - from the fresh food that Petrol offers under its Fresh brand; ticket sales by Petrol under its Petrol Ticket brand; to mobile wallet services provided by Petrol under its Petrol mBills brand.

By securing exclusive rights to ticket sales and catering services during matches, Petrol assured itself that the tactic of raising awareness and changing consumer perceptions also became a business contribution tactic during sponsorship activation.


Like a volleyball match, we split the sponsorship campaign into three sets.

The first set

The main goals were to raise awareness and interest in Eurovolley in Slovenia and to raise awareness of Petrol's sponsorship by building a strong emotional bond with the fans. We started with communication several months before the championship, introducing key players of the Slovenian volleyball team at sales points, on digital channels, radio, OOH and other materials.

We launched winning-service.si, where users could find key information, points of interest and sweepstakes and had the opportunity to buy fan props and tickets for the matches.

Second set

In the second set, we focused on building a great user experience in all of the steps. Slovenian volleyball players became the stars of Petrol stores a month before the championship.

At the winning-servis.si we launched a prize game in which users could vote for their favourite among 6 different marked sandwiches from the Fresh offer, selected and recommended by the Slovenian national team. Petrol stores were proud to shine in EuroVolley colours.

The third set

In the third set, besides the experience at Petrol outlets, we especially focused on the fan experience at matches. Visitors could buy "volleyball" sandwiches and cheerleading equipment at the points of sale, and the salesmen were waiting for them in special uniforms with volleyball messages.

We then surprised them in front of the venue with a special fan corner. To promote the cashless payment system mBills and the Fresh brand, we prepared a special VIP service for the fans in the stands, Service to bleachers. We have developed a unique system for ordering food and drinks right from the fan seat to the fan seat, allowing fans to refresh themselves without missing a moment of the game.



tickets sold, exceeding the target by more than 80%.


visits of winning-service.si.


higher sales of Fresh Sandwiches during the campaign.


higher than average engagement on Petrol's social networks.


increase in payments with mBills.



of the most successful campaigns from 2013-2018 according to the CEM (Communication Effectiveness Measurement) index.